The Million Dollar Arm Hunt :

  Objective -
To fill the gap of quality pitchers in USA as more local sporting talent is heading towards other sports
To find a baseball pitching talent in Cricket loving India (Cricket and Baseball have many similarities)
On finding the right talent, groom the talent in CALIFORNIA, USA for 9 months before trials and drafting with the baseball teams in USA
The success of the Indian talent in USA will make way for the growth of the sport in India and also create an Indian hero for the NRI community in USA
A winner’s prize amount of USD 1 million was confirmed to ensure mass participation from cricket loving Indians
A Talent Hunt was organized in over 13 cities in India. The hunt was organized in parks, colleges, cricketing grounds, and other easy to access locations to ensure high footfall and participation among the target audiences
Cricketing and TV celebrities were roped in to increase the hype and cheer the participants
City centric media was utilized to publicize the hunt
Over 50,000 participants across India
The finals saw the best talent from India coming together in Mumbai for a week long training camp and then for a grand finale to decide the winner of TMDA 2008
Extremely high PR mileage and buzz was created in India for app. 6 months
The entire hunt was showcased on Zee Sports in a 10 episode sports reality TV series, thereby ensuring the hunt got high eyeballs in India
TMDA was won by Rinku Singh a national javelin thrower. Another talent was noticed in Dinesh Kumar. Both of them after a 9 month training camp in USA have been signed up by the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB winners in 2008)
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