About RAI

Proprietary Software & Dashboards for greater transparency, better control and Real-Time updates on your Social projects.

  • Fully transparent reporting mechanism
  • Monitor granular details
  • Stage/Phase wise reporting
  • Periodic and near-real-time reporting
  • Stringent Governance mechanism by experts
  • On field visits and progress audits
  • Issue tracking and corrective actions
  • Advance Artificial Intelligence based field audits
  • Measured periodic impact analysis
  • Course correction of fund allocation
  • Increased visibility of brand
  • Last mile delivery of benefits
  • Post project annual beneficiary impact assessment
How do we do it more efficiently? 1) Identify Socio- Cultural Challenges:
  • Identify current and predict future challenges
  • Challenges may include wellness (nutrition and health care), education, or social injustice
2) Select Target Constituents:
  • For immediate impact select constituents such as the middle class, women or the elderly
  • For future impact select children and youthn
3) Offer Transformational Solutions:
  • Provide behavior- changing solutions moving up the Maslow Pyramid
  • Aim towards more collaborative, cultural and creative transformation
  • To know more about RAI Case Studies,Click here
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