Yuvraj Singh in the prime of his career was detected with Cancer. He survived due to early treatment. He felt this divine favour was only so that he could give back to society & in turn help save many others'

  • Engagement Objective
  • Create Awareness about Cancer & its symptoms
  • Encourage people to go in for early check up
  • Scope of Work
  • Develop the Brand Identity of the initiative & set the vision
  • Develop the charter for the NGO and create a credible Management and working culture
  • Leverage Yuvraj's actual experience to save lives' & provide hope
  • Use Social Media , Events & other means to involve youth to Volunteer and promote Early Detection of Cancer
  • Create mobile cancer examination stations within the reach of masses with a view to take Early detection to scores of unaware audiences
  • Plan and execute revenue streams like Cancer Victim's children education, through Retail & Corporate Funding
  • Project Execution
  • Created the entire set up through legal structuring as part of the Yuvraj Singh Foundation
  • Formalized a management committee with reputed Independent Board of Directors along with a reporting CEO & Head - Operations
  • A complete strategic road map for the Foundation was laid from scratch for implementing the initiative
  • Various execution link tie ups done across NGOs, Hospitals and organisations
  • Communication executed
  • Various revenue streams actioned and implemented
  • Result over last 3 years
  • Over 200000 free detections done till date and close to 10000 lives saved
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