Warid Cricket Series :

  Objective -
To ensure an International ODI Cricket Series with the best teams is hosted in Abu Dhabi annually
To consult the Abu Dhabi Cricket Club on all aspects of the ODI Series i.e. marketing, management, ticket sales, sponsorship, teams participation and confirmation
Participation of Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the series
Promoted the event in UAE through tie-ups with Radio, Print and TV
Marketed the broadcast rights to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, North America, UK & Europe and Malaysia
Provided complete Branding solutions and suites
Provided complete on ground management solution - Ticket Sales, Security, Cleaning, F&B, Furniture, Toilets, Medical, Generators, Accreditation, etc.
Provided the ICC Cricket World Cup team for TV Production
Our cost effective solutions helped reduce the cost of the event by app. 1 Million USD
The best crowd attendance for any cricket match in the UAE
World Class TV coverage with a 26 camera set-up
A seamless event in all aspects
Won the praise of the cricketing fraternity, UAE & international spectators & media, participating cricket boards and all involved in the project
[Similarly for BSNL Eurasia Cup – 6 nation event (2006) and Fortune Cup – Pakistan Vs WI (2008)]
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