Ride Safe India - A Hero MotoCorp Initiative

HERO MotoCorp was keen to do genuine Road Safety BCC & serious on ground initiatives

  Engagement Objective & Scope for Work
Impact attitude and behavior of the huge T.As on the road - across different Demographics & Psychographics
Develop the Brand Identity of the initiative & set the vision
Develop insight based communication that would resonate with all
Look for & develop Technological interventions that are innovative.
Provide a low cost mass solution that can help accident victims
Ensure Safety becomes a part of everybody’s agenda and a part of youth conversation
 Project Execution
A mix of messages across touch points developed for the different T.As
Supported by Unique initiatives & Technology to save lives in the Golden Hour
 Recommendations made to Hero – Road Safety
A real impact can only be created if all aspects and issues are addressed. Hence, there is a need to address all the different Target Audiences involved
Drivers/ Riders The most likely to have Accidents The Critically Impacted
Car Drivers, 2 Wheelers & Bi-Cycle riders, Bus Drivers Old people, under 15s, Pedestrians, Morning/evening Walkers/Joggers, as bizarre as parents/servants dropping children for school bus pick ups This includes all those who actually get hurt critically and those who die
T.A – 1 T.A – 2 T.A – 3
The Communication Approach & Objectives
Drivers/ Riders The most likely to have Accidents The Critically Impacted
Tap insights & behaviour of each sub –segment Change in Tone of Voice compared to prevailing Communication which varies from announcer to mild Educate on road etiquette Demonstrate on the likely-hood of accidents & precautions necessary across all touch points Inform about the Hero assistance that can save a life Call for participation, employment opportunities & Emergency number
T.A – 1 T.A – 2 T.A – 3
 The HERO ATL Approach
Create a mix of 7 films :
mother television commercial targeting the masses across national geography and demographics. Very +ve, Feel good genre.
‘product category specific’ Safety television commercial for the rural and semi urban markets – comic medium to express recall of message
‘generic road safety subject’ commercial to cut across through the cinemas & digital medium nationally
3D Animation Series of 4 films to begin with for the digital and new media. Specifically targeted to youth. Light but edgy!
 Response to the Communication so far:
Over 10 Mln views across the 5 commercials in less than 2 weeks, only on FaceBook!!!
#ridesafeindia was trending on Twitter, on day 1.
Hundreds of thousands of Youth “Likes” “Shares” & “Comments” promoting the Cause of Road Safety by going viral.
Done in a “never before” way for the category
- Generating interest by not being preachy.
Minimal Client investment on Digital Media
 Recommendations made to Hero - BTL– Road Safety
Completing the 360 – across all touch points & T.As
HERO School Contact Programme: A large scale pan India initiative is under development to impart knowledge and develop the right attitude amongst Children from Standard 5 upwards. This will be done through the medium of Edutainment and the target is 1000 Schools impacting over half a million Kids through a annual programme
HERO ICE CARD: A unique downloadable “In Case of Emergency” APP has been created. Employees and all T.As are encouraged to down load and always carry a printed version of the card on them. The APP also serves as a screen saver on the cell phone & gets activated in case of a accident informing the nearest relative as well as displaying the victims important life saving details
HERO Safety Parks: HERO MotoCorp is adopting parks and within them creating Safety Education programmes. This includes creating familiarity of all Road Signs, Do’s & Don’ts on the Road and even sessions on promoting Safe Riding.
HERO AMBULANCE SERVICE: A fast moving & impactful 2 wheeler ambulance service, To be stationed at all critical high accident zones & junctions so that it can help save lives in the Golden Hour

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