Qanat Al Qasba:

To create a memorable Ramadan festival culminating in Eid festivities
We created a multifaceted event utilizing all the available spaces at the venue like walkways, open areas, canal and the walls of the canal-side buildings
A 2,000 pax festive tent was created in Moroccan style using low seating and fawanees lamps to host TV shows, talent contests and activities. The tent served Ramadan buffets for iftaar and suhoor and had its own shisha and coffee areas
The walkways had interactive displays reflecting UAE culture, heritage and handicrafts. Interactive projection displays and intelligent lights provided relevant imagery as well as ambience to the venue
Eid was celebrated over 3 days with a breathtaking firework display, walkabout artistes and a complete carnival environment
Over 150,000 people visited Qanat Al Qasba during Ramadan and Eid
The event attracted families, visitors of all ages and many tourists, generating impressive media mileage across TV, radio and press
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