Hamari Pari - An Hero Motocorp Initiative

To develop a road map and recommend strategies and programs as per the new policies and laws. In addition, the intention is to identify, evaluate, monitor and report on the program in coordination with the NGO partners.
Developing the brand identity of the initiative and setting targets
Recommending long-term sustainable projects with a strategic approach
Mapping and recommending the right NGO’s in order to implement the program
Providing a clear road-map for implementation and monitoring of the project
Constant monitoring and evaluation of the project in order to maximize impact
 Project Execution
Strategic direction provided for the holistic development of the girl child
Magic Bus, the specialist NGO which has been identified and invested upon to maximize the impact of the initiative through available, un-utilized infrastructure
Within the 1st phase, over 16000 girls across Delhi, NCR Region and Vishakhapatnam are being supported in the long term for a period of up to 10 years
Increasing allotment and changing existing viewpoints by counselling parents, community leaders, youth, school authorities and also through direct financial assistance
Promoting the possibility of further higher education through infrastructure support. For example, providing proper sanitation facilities i.e.; toilets and bathrooms to encourage continuity in education for school girls.
Using the medium of sports to engage, impart knowledge, to help develop leadership skills and ensure education that would lead to income generation, recognition in society and overall growth.
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